The Abilities!!!


This section is designed for your ultimate convenience, if you don't like the design, feel free to Neomail me. 

To the left is the current look of the ability, to the right is the past looks or look of the ability. Have Fun!!!



        Air Shield                                            Alchemy                                 Bubble Shield



Fireball                                       Fiery Breath                           Fiery Gaze



Flash                                              Flying                                                      Heal



Haste                                  Lava Spit                                        Magic Berries



.Magic Torch                              Magic Pebbles                                Mote Dance



.Negg                                     Night Time                            Night Vision



Psychic Blast                                     Quench                            Shadow Health



Shroud                                       Spark                                     Sunray



Volcano Song                                Waters of Life




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