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Neopets Archeology is now an archive... It will not be updated anymore

The main reason for this is that I have completely lost interest in Neopets...

Anyhow, thanks for all the people that have helped me, and a big thanks to all who contributed to this site






Thanks clemson_tigers for finding these pics for me:

The Alphabet; Basic Mathematics; Basic Survival Skills; Billy Blue Hat; Mysterious Book; Grarrls are great; The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Karate for Beginners; Map Reading; Mote Magic; Science is Fun!; Starting Spells; Watch out!; Cooking With Neggs; World Class Wockys; My Garden Book; Faerie Tales; My First Faerie; Stay Fit; My First Book; Skeith Book; Bird Watching; Cats 101; Frogstomp Facts; Learn to Fly; Tear Jerkers; Time Travel; Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet; Kickin Kikos; Know Your Motes; Know Your Trading Cards; JubJub Know How; Top Tuskaninnys; Caring for Eyries; Terrific Acaras; Techos Guide to Cars; Goodbye Mel; Jetsam Book; Swimbook; Flotsam Tales; Acaras; Aisha Book; Caring For Your NeoPet 1; Caring For Your NeoPet 2; Caring For Your NeoPet 3; Caring For Your NeoPet 4; Caring For Your NeoPet 5; Defence for Unis; All About Earth Faeries; All About Earth Faeries 2; All About Water Faeries; All About Water Faeries 2; All About Fire Faeries; All About Fire Faeries 2; All About Dark Faeries; All About Dark Faeries 2; All About Light Faeries; All About Light Faeries 2; All About Air Faeries; All About Air Faeries 2; Quick Reference Dictionary; Algebra; Geometry Level 1; Geometry Level 2; Geometry Level 3; Caring For Your NeoPet 1 2; Caring For Your NeoPet 2 2; Caring For Your NeoPet 3 2; Caring For Your NeoPet 4; Caring For Your NeoPet 5; Learn Social Skills; Tear Jerkers; Time Travel; My Zafara and Me; Quick Reference Dictionary 2; NeoFashion; The Wonderful World of Gardening; Maps of Neopia; Lovely Lennys; Jetsams; Loyal Lupes; All About the Lupe; JibJib Know How; Curious Korbats; Badeeks; Caring for Cerpulls; Guide to Lupes; Chia Book; Nimmos; Guide to Bruce; Big Book of Puzzles; Little Book of Puzzles; Green Thumb 101; Scorchio; Unique Unis; Dont call me cute; Tigren Facts; The Mysterious Mellish; Goodbye Mellish; Flotsams; A Jump to the Future; Green Thumb 101 2; Learn to Swim; My Zafara and Me; Cerpull - Red; Lupe - Green; Macy Gray - Blue; The Second Green Peophin Usul - Yellow; Wocky - Blue; Wocky - Yellow; The oldest Book Shopkeeper

Thanks cloveapple for finding these pics for me:

Adventures of Bloop; Ancient Book; Aisha - Yellow; Bitten Book; Book of Bones; Book of Ice Magic; Book of Pain; Book of Sea Spells;
Book of Splinters; Book of Symbols; Book of Vision; Bound Magic Book; Chained Book; Chia Don't Cry; Cooking with Lenny;
Cybunny - Halloween; Eyrie, Indiana; Fuzio - Red (middle); Fuzio - Yellow (middle); Grarrl - Yellow; Golden Shoyru Book;
Jetsam - Green; Jub Jub - Blue; Jub Jub - Green (fighting); Jib Jib Totem; Karate Jub; Kiko goes boom; Koi - Blue; Learn to Swim;
Locked Book; Moovie; Moehog - Green (fighting); My Little Uni; My Little Uni II; Mynci - Blue (fighting); Mynci - Green (happy);
Mynci - Yellow (happy); Mynci - Yellow (mad); Mynci - Yellow (sad); Mystery Island with the old design;
Mystery Island without the Rock Pool; Nimmo - Red (happy); Nimmo - Green (happy); Nimmo Joe Book; Nimmo Yoga video;
Popular Neopian Stories; Revenge of the Birds; Saving Private Jetsam; Scaled Magic Book; Skreech; Scorch Little; Solid Steel Book;
Tatsu Rainbow Flash; The Chetrix; The four old weather pics; The Frost cannons; The Good, the Kacheek and the Ugly;
The Hospital Shopkeeper; The Ice Caves right after the earthquake; The Jetsam Banner; The Jib Jib auctioneer; The old Slushie Shopkeeper;
The second Fuzio banner; The Thingi from Majingi; The three pictures of the Time Machine Wocky;
The Tyrannian Plateau with the Time Machine and link to the Volcano; The Tyrannian Valley with the Obelisk; The Volcano map;
U-504; Usuls Day Off; Wocky - Blue (happy); Zafara - Green (happy); Zafara - Green (fighting); Zafara - Green (sad); Zafara - Green (angry)

Thanks dragonm0m for finding these pics for me:

The About Tatsu picture; Caring For Tatsus; The oldest Toy Shopkeeper: Tatsu Rain: The oldest Faerieland City map

Thanks lilbluegoat for finding these pics for me:

Macy Gray - Blue (happy); The First Yellow Peophin; Tigren - Blue (angry)

Thanks lilwhitefawn for finding these pics for me:

The oldest Mixed Flavor N and Ns; The oldest Lemon N and N's

Thanks mistress_v for finding this pic for me:

The oldest shops bar



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